Finally, the radio industry has a"go to" place to find young talent entering the industry. The Kellar Radio Talent Institute on the campus of Appalachian State University is the inaugural Institute in the National Radio Talent System...the first of its kind in the world.

The National Radio Talent System brings industry professionals from around the state, region and the country to teach during this intensive 10-day summer program. All participating professionals to date, praise and embrace the Institute as a "farm system" to find bright, talented young broadcasters entering the industry.

"Broadcasters at the highest level understand the importance of bringing new talent into the industry, even so, we have never developed an organized and systemized farm system until now,"stated Dan Vallie, Director of the Institute and Founder of the National Radio Talent System. "I am excited that Appalachian State has embraced this innovative talent incubator concept and is teaming with the industry to find, train, coach and develop fresh young talent in every area of broadcasting.

Chancellor Ken Peacock commented" It is a signature program...and it's a tribute to Appalachian State to have been the first in this...it really is a connection from the campus to a career."

Chancellor Ken Peacock discussing the Kellar Radio Talent Institute and the National Radio Talent System.