An air check is a recorded and edited audio example of your on-air work. The air check is recorded by the talent in order to listen back to himself or herself to do a self critique of each on-air break. The purpose of the aircheck is for the talent to hear what was done well or not done well so the talent can continue to get better as an on-air performer.

The air check is also used, along with a resume, in applying for employment for on-air positions at radio stations.

The air check only contains segments where the announcer is actually talking, along with a couple of seconds of each element that precedes or follows the on-air break.

The air check is normally recorded from an actual on-air shift of the talent. If you are not currently doing an on-air show on a radio station, you can assemble a demo tape indicating what you would sound like if you were on the air. Please include a weather forecast and a “liner” examples of both are below.

Weather forecast example: 90.5 WASU weather, partly cloudy today with a high of 65, low tonight 48, high tomorrow 68 with a 40 percent chance of showers. It’s 63 degrees, you can get the five day forecast at WASUROCKS.Com

Liner example: 90.5 WASU FM reminds you to give the gift of life, give blood this Saturday during the Red Cross Blood Drive at the mall from 10am until 2pm, appointments are not necessary, drop ins are welcome. For more information call us here WASU.

Below are examples of air checks from previous students of the Kellar Radio Talent Institute.